HOLE 1 - 3

The green slopes from left to right, so the brave will aim just left of centre. Be careful not to overdo it as there is a hedge and out of bounds waiting a few yards from the left edge. A bunker surrounding the right hand side of the green means even the safer option comes with its own risks.

A driver for most, but longer hitters can get away with a fairway wood or or long iron. Whichever club is chosen you need to get past the two fairway bunkers on the right, which will leave you a comfortable shot of under 150 yards to a friendly gree.

A good drive down the left of the fairway is the shortest route to the green and avoids the bunker on the right. If you don't have the power to reach the green with your next shot, laying up short of the ditch that bisects the fairway between the hedges is recommended. This leaves an easy third shot.